Learn more about Marie and Titanic Denim. Who she has designed for and the development of the brand which is now a familiar name throughout the celebrity and music scenes. 


About us

Each TitanicDenim piece is hand made from recycled denim. Whether designer jeans, jacket, handbag, pooch-pouch, guitar case... each piece is 100% unique. A crafted combination of 200 years of Belfast’s shipyard history with a rock n’roll attitude that says ‘I lead, you follow’.


Marie Nancarrow, Founder & Designer of TitanicDenim

Marie Nancarrow, grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in Belfast in a family of Rockers. Her dad was in a band with Van Morrison, and her brother had his own rock band. Marie ended up having to sew patches onto his denim jackets and jeans. And that’s where her love of working with denim began. After a fashion and textiles course at Belfast College and a placement with designer Paul Costello who specialised in Irish Linen, Marie headed to Italy for adventures as a model, fashion designer and even a flight attendant for Lauda Air. Now back in Belfast, Marie works in Wardrobe when the big gigs are in town, helping the stylists for Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Sting. She finally launched TitanicDenim, her dream, in 2015.


Where the world’s most famous ship was built.

In the 19th century Belfast was known as the ‘Shipyard of the World’, thousands of ships made by hard grafting dockers whose work ethic was revered around the world. The TitanicDenim logo represents one of the millions of rivets that were worked in the shipyards and the steel of the men who worked with them. Like them the denim is tough, reliable and gritty.




TitanicDenim resuscitate your favourite falling apart pair of jeans, breathe new life, character and attitude into them. We patch up their broken hearts and customise them to transform them into a wearable piece of art. TitanicDenim not only resuscitates old jeans we also give birth to new products through old denim.


Alternative Denim for Alternative Souls.

Not created for the shrinking violets of this world , TitanicDenim’s signature design is a tapestry of bright colours, fabrics and patterns that will get you noticed. We are environmentally friendly, as all our items use recycled, second hand denim, jeans and fabrics. All designs are "one offs "and handmade right in the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.